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Annual Fertilize / Weed program.

The Lawn King yearly fertilize / weed control plan consists of:

  • two pre-emergent weed control applications, one in early spring and another in late summer. ( I don't recommend this on St. Augustine grass, as it does weaken the turf.)
  • fertilizer four times a year, beginning in April, spaced approximately six weeks apart. The fertilizer used is granular, extended release, and contains micro-nutrients. Not the cheapest, but worth the difference. The fourth application is a winter formulated fertilizer, to feed the root system during dormancy.
  • herbicide is applied on an as needed basis, to maintain an acceptable appearance.
  • the preferred way to control weeds is to establish a thick, healthy turf, which prevents weeds by keeping the seeds from contacting the ground. This affords the benefits of a pleasing appearance with less need to use chemical weed control.

Thank you for considering Lawn King for your fertilizer / weed control work. I believe you will find consistent, knowledgeable application of appropriate fertilizer and herbicides will make a significant difference in your lawn.

Call if I can answer a question or give you a quote.